You'll glide through your patrol on an INMOTION SCV


With more communities realizing the benefits of getting officers out of cars and back on the beat, INMOTION SCV offers the personal one-to-one aspects of walking, but still lets officers cover a large territory in small amount of time.

Visibility is increased while officers are working crowd control and public events.

Plus its compact size and bright color selection can make officers much more approachable and less intimidating to community members than other personal transporters on the market, fostering more opportunities for officers to build relationships with individuals and business owners on their beat.

At just 35 pounds with an easily disconnected steering column, INMOTION SCV also offers easy portability, so it be easily transported in the trunk of a patrol car.

Great for all types of security uses

Police departments are not the only security related groups that are finding personal transporters like the INMOTION SCV to be a great addition to their equipment lineup.

INMOTION SCV is proving itself to be the economical answer to security personnel for getting around facilities and campuses.  Here are just a few examples of way the INMOTION can potentially be of service:


  • Use by security personnel in a gated housing community or large condo complex.
  • Use by security personnel in shopping malls.
  • Use by security personnel in sporting complexes Use by security personnel in large manufacturing campuses and colleges.
  • Use by police on foot patrol or at public events.
  • Use by parking enforcement.
  • Use by school supervisors or emergency personnel.
  • Use by security personnel in airport facilitiesOther areas where security personnel need to get from point-to-point quickly or cover an extended patrol area.


Click here for a more complete run-down of all of INMOTION SCV™s features.


But key among them at under $3,000 INMOTION SCV is far more economical than other personal transporters on the market. Thinking of purchasing several for use by your department of security staff?